3 basic actions of Digital Marketing to boost a Startup

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Today, Digital Marketing is essential for any company, whatever its size. In the case of Startups, Online Marketing actions make even more sense, since they are the ones that will help us make the project known.

The behavior of users on Internet has evolved greatly in recent years. Thanks to all the smart devices that we have (tablets, smartphones, etc.), we can find a lot of information about virtually any subject, quickly and from anywhere.

If we look for everything on Internet, your company should also be there, right? In today’s article, we explain 3 basic strategies of Digital Marketing that you should start applying in your Startup from today. Take note!

How to increase the visibility of a Startup on Internet

1. Website

Having a website where you can present the company and what it offers is vital for any business, project or idea. The website is our cover letter in the digital world, so you have to give it the importance it deserves.

Having an attractive and careful design that presents the information clearly is essential to give a good impression to our visitors. In addition, given the current use of mobile devices, it is important to have a responsive website, that is, adapted for mobile phones and tablets.

2. Social networks

The presence in social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) allows us to publicize the project to a large community of users, also offering the opportunity to interact with them in real time.

If our target audience is on social media, shouldn’t we be there too?

3. Social Ads

Investing in social media advertising (such as Instagram or Facebook Ads) is a good option to boost the visibility of our startup. Advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram have a great segmentation power, which allows us to reach target audience based on demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors.

In addition, these types of advertising campaigns currently have lower costs than other platforms, where clicking on our ad is more expensive.


There are a lot of Digital Marketing actions and strategies that we can carry out but, without a doubt, these would be the most important ones to start in the digital world.

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