Innovating has become a necessity to be competitive

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We look for the best projects, the best teams, with the clear idea of looking for scalable, international and disruptive businesses. We put at your disposal the best headhunters to look for great opportunities.

Our services

Innovation Consulting

Innovation within large companies has become an obligation of strategy and survival.

Corporate venturing

Corporate Venturing is an innovation formula according to which established corporations collaborate with startups through a wide range of tools and models.

Strategy and Development

We offer 360 consulting services to large companies. Through our strategy consulting and business development service, we develop a strategic analysis and market research .


We give solutions and answers to problems and cases of the great corporation. We turn problems into initiatives or projects.
External talent
We look for talent outside the large corporation that can generate a scalable and attractive maching. The new generations want to bring opportunities to the great corporation.
Lead and drive
We offer the opportunity to lead and drive projects of great corporation. We offer an outsourced corporate incubator.

Some of our corporations

Let's work together to innovate

We apply an open methodology, integrated in a different space.

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We put at your disposal the best headhunters to look for great opportunities.
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  • Scalable businesses
  • Disruptive projects
  • Sustainable and socially attractive projects