OryonUniversal & SERHS Serveis, a new strategic collaboration agreement for SME’s and Start-Up


OryonUniversal and SERHS Serveis design a new strategic business collaboration plan that allows them to offer their clients a comprehensive 360º service in terms of consulting and management for SMEs and start-up.

Pineda, April 15, 2019. OryonUniversal and SERHS Serveis join forces to ensure comfort, confidence and success in the field of small and medium business consulting and start-up. A new strategic business plan that allows to accompany the CEO in the definition of his business to be able to achieve success in his sector. Allowing him to dedicate himself to what really matters, to grow his business.

OryonUniversal is a company specialized in strategic consulting, innovation and business and finance development, which, with this new alliance, will be able to complete the entire consulting service with the following transversal services that we offer from SERHS services division, SERHS Serveis:

They will jointly grow business teams, training and prepare them to face all the challenges that arise in the development of any company. Procedures and labor management, with the agility, confidence and technological innovation that today requires any business plan. With the development and execution of control tools that allow to offer the best administration and personal management services.

SERHS Serveis will integrate all legal attention to preserve the maximum legal guarantee of companies, for any business initiative.

Security, personalization and confidentiality will be the fundamental values that OryonUniversal and SERHS Serveis will offer in the management of business accounting. The joint experience will allow to project and manage the economic and financial planning of small and medium enterprises.

We are at the service of the top managers to help prevent, eliminate or minimize any risk that is or could be present in the workplace, thanks to the comprehensive service of occupational risk prevention consulting. A very relevant concept to be aware of, and which will allow us to increase the current productivity index of companies.

To complete the package, insurance packs adapted to the specific needs of each line of business will be offered, according to the specific needs of each type of company.

The agreement will strengthen the relationship of entrepreneurship and investment in the entire ecosystem of Catalan companies, given the specialization of OryonUniversal and SERHS Serveis in the region.

The agreement will allow, at the same time, to collaborate in the identification of technological startups of interest in order to help them grow and provide them with all the support they need in terms of financing, technology and industrial development.

SERHS Serveis, will contribute, for its part, with its technology and experience with renowned technology partners, with whom during these years they have participated in the projection of large technology and digitalization projects.

It will contribute all the experience and human capital that for more than 40 years have been consolidated and positioned as profiles of great professionals, throughout the brand.

More about SERHS Serveis

SERHS Serveis born as a division of SERHS, in which its field of action is the services of management, technology and information sciences, as well as the creation and execution of professional kitchen projects for Hotel and Catering sector.

With more than 100 professionals, SERHS Serveis has a portfolio of more than 3,000 clients who rely on the transversal services offered, and with all the technology, transparency and knowledge as differential facts of their business.

More about OryonUniversal

OryonUniversal is a company specialized in Innovation Consulting and Business Strategy with the purpose of connecting Large Corporations with Startups, interested in discovering new business opportunities. It offers Coach services and support in all those areas that any entrepreneur may need, in his different phases of growth.

A comprehensive consulting service is offered with the objective of being the entrepreneur’s travel companion until the achieved investment for your business and, once achieved, until its consolidation.

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